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Non-ionizing radiation measurements

неионизирующее излучение

Non-ionizing radiation is electromagnetic radiation which does not carry enough energy to ionize atoms or molecules. The energy of non-ionizing radiation is only enough to change their rotational, vibrational or electron configuration that causes so-called thermal or non-thermal effects.

Experimental data indicates a high biological activity of electromagnetic fields (EMF) in the whole frequency range. In the conditions of long-term impact, the biological effect of EMF is accumulated and may lead to the development of dangerous diseases.

The effect of EMF impact on a living organism depends on the energetic characteristic of the field which is defined by its electric and magnetic component and, also, depends on the duration of the impact. Moreover, this effect is influenced by the character of radiation: if it is (a) continuous, (b) pulsed, (с) pulse-modulated, (d) varying or non-varying in time, (e) local or broad.

The equipment of RREPL allows one to measure the following kinds of non-ionizing radiation:

The measurements are taken by qualified personnel using only certified equipment in accordance with the techniques approved by the standards of Ukraine.

The following reliable, time-tested equipment is used in work:

Frequency range table (for reference)

Wave lengthFrequencyReceiving and using
Static fieldInfinite0 HzElectrical surface charge. Strong magnets
Low frequencies>104 kmless than 20 HzPower lines
Sound frequencies10 km – 104 km20 Hz – 20 kHzAlternating current generators, sound generators
Radio frequencies1 dm – 1 km100 kHz–1 GHzCellular phones, television, radars
EHF(millimeter waves)1 mm – 1 dm1–100 GHzCellular phones, microwave ovens, radiotelephones, Wi-Fi
Infrared light1 µm – 100 µm1–100 THzThermal radiation, lasers, remote controls
Visible light100–1000 nm100–1000 THzFire, LEDs, bulbs, lasers
Ultraviolet1–100 nm1015–1017 HzRadiation from the Sun, mercury lamps, etc.
X-rays0,1 nm–0,001 nm1018–1020 HzX-rays tubes, fluorography
Gamma-raysless than 0.001 nm>1020 HzCharged particles accelerators


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