National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
National Science Center "Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology"
Laboratory of Radiation Research and Environmental Protection
The Radiation Research and Environmental Protection Laboratory (RREPL) is structural subdivision at the NSC KIPT, performing scientific and technical work.

RREPL has passed the state certification and obtained the Certificate of compliance of the system of measurements with the requirements of ISO 10012:2005 № 01 – 0136/2020 that was issued on 18.11.2020 by the State Enterprise “Kharkov Regional Scientific-Production Center of Standardization, Metrology and Certification”. The certificate is valid until 18.11.2023.
Main tasks of the Laboratory:
  1. Organization and implementation of scientifically grounded control over compliance of the NSC KIPT with the requirements of environmental protection laws of Ukraine and, also, with the rules and regulations in the field of environmental protection.
  2. Organization and implementation of radiation and dosimetry control at the NSC KIPT, in the sanitary protection zone (SPZ) and in the zone of observation (OZ) in accordance with the sanitary legislation of Ukraine and the requirements of the regulatory documents in the area of radiation protection.
  3. Organization and implementation of control over magnetic, electromagnetic and laser radiation at personnel workplaces.
  4. Organization and implementation of scientifically grounded control over the content of harmful chemical substances in the air of working areas, in emissions and discharges from the NSC KIPT. The control can be carried out at other objects of the environment and industrial areas, if necessary.

RREPL consists of the following subdivisions:
RREPL is headed by the head of the laboratory who is elected on a competition basis from the employees who passed a special training. These employees should also have a degree, scientific publications in the field of radiation physics, experience working with ionizing radiation sources and, at least, 10 years of scientific and organizational work experience. The head of RREPL is accountable to the Deputy General Director of scientific and technical developments at the NSC KIPT.
Main activities of RREPL:
    1. Radiation-dosimetric control:
      • when handling encapsulated ionizing radiation sources (IRS);
      • when handling irradiated materials;
      • during IRS and fissile materials storage;
      • at accelerators of charged particles;
      • at thermonuclear plants;
      • at plasma beam accelerators;
      • at direct action accelerators;
      • at X-ray machines;
      • at ion microscopes;
      • at industrial sites, in the sanitary protection zone and in the zone of observation.
    2. Control over radioactive contamination of:
      • the working area air;
      • personnel skin and overalls;
      • surfaces of equipment and premises.
    3. Individual dosimetric control.
    4. Operational dosimetric measurements at the accelerator site and in the premises of II class of work.

    1. Measurements of levels of electromagnetic fields within HF- and UHF-ranges.
    2. Measurements of levels of constant electromagnetic fields.
    3. Measurements of levels of the laser radiation.
    4. Determination of the concentration of harmful chemical substances in the air of the working zone (sulfuric acid, chromium oxides, manganese, carbon monoxide, graphite, ozone, hydrogen fluoride and hydrogen chloride, and alkali).

    1. Determination of the concentration of uranium and benz[a]pyren in the air.
    2. Determination of the uranium content in wastewater of special sewerage, precipitations, sediments and drinking water.
    3. Analysis of the uranium and beryllium content in emissions from ventilation systems.
    4. Determination of the concentration of uranium and harmful chemical substances in wastewater of fecal and rainstorm sewerage (weighted substances, mineralization, chlorides, sulfates, chromium, iron, synthetic surfactants , copper, nitrate nitrogen, ammonium nitrogen, oil products).


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