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The SEG-50(P) metrologically certified gamma-spectrometer which is based on the semiconductor germanium-lithium low-noise drift-diffusion detector DGDK-60V and covered with passive shielding made of 5 cm of lead and 0.5 cm of copper to reduce the natural gamma-radiation background is used in RREPL. The SBS-75 single circuit board analyzer and programs for spectra acquisition and analysis which were made by the RIIE “Green Star Instruments” (Moscow, Russia) are utilized in the spectrometer. The DGDK-60V detector is designed to measure the energy spectra of gamma-radiation in the energy range of 0.05 – 10 MeV.

With the aid of the spectrometer, measurements of the specific and volumetric activities of technogenic and natural radionuclides in different specimens, including:

are taken.

The energy resolution of the spectrometer at 1332 keV is 2.7 keV. The minimum activity which can be measured in the geometry of Marinelly using a vessel with volume of 1 l per 1 hour is:
137Cs – 1,2 Bq, 226Ra – 7 Bq, 232Th – 7 Bq, 40K – 27 Bq.

To detect and do spectral analysis of gamma radiation and fluxes of charged particles, the BDBS (BDBSZ-1еМ) detecting modules are used in the laboratory. These modules have the abilities to:

Type of detectorEnergySensitivityLower limit
63×63 mm
0,5 – 3 MeV
4·10-3 Bq-1s-1
by 137Cs
3,7 Bq
40×40 mm
0,5 – 3 MeV
1,4·10-3 Bq-1s-1
by 137Cs
3,7 Bq
63×0.35 mm
1,5 – 10 MeV
0,3 Bq-1s-1
by 239Pt
37 Bq
25×10 mm
0,1 – 2 MeV
7,5·10-2 Bq-1s-1
by 90Sr
3,7 Bq
Plastic scintillator
63×16 mm
0,1 – 3 MeV
0,12 Bq-1s-1
by 90Sr
3,7 Bq

To measure the spectral content of gamma-radiation behind the shielding of accelerators, a detector based on 150×300 mm NaI(Tl) crystal and the AI-95 pulse analyzer is used. This assembly allows one to detect gamma-radiation in the energy range from 100 keV to 30 MeV with the efficiency close to 100%.


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